Shark Nature Study

We don’t often go underwater for nature study, but that’s where we need to go – at least in our imaginations – to discover some of the tiniest sharks in the ocean.

Enjoy shark nature study in another fun No Sweat Nature Study Podcast episode!

Sharks Nature Study

Test your listening skills! How many of these questions are easy to answer from the episode?

  1. How often did Mrs. Cindy visit the beach growing up?
  2. What was the trademark of her family’s sandcastles?
  3. What is a mote? (You may need to research this answer.)
  4. What did Mrs. Cindy see in the water?
  5. What did the lifeguard do when he saw a shark?
  6. What is the smallest shark in the ocean?
  7. Where do dwarf lantersharks live geographically?
  8. Do dwarf lantersharks live in shallow or deep ocean waters?
  9. Besides their tiny size, what’s so special about lantersharks?
  10. How does bioluminescence help lanternsharks?
shark swimming in water

Sharks Nature Study Video Class

Test your shark knowledge in the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class about sharks! While learning amazing and unbelievable shark facts, plan to create a brand-new shark species in your nature journal.

This unique class will be like a gameshow where you also become an inventor!

Grey sharks swimming in a dark blue ocean. This image is for an advertisement for a class about sharks.

Free Printable

It’s summer! Enjoy a free printable packet of fun nature observation activities. From a butterfly matching game and scavenger hunt to a weather observation chart and learning the anatomy of a watermelon, these are great to use all summer long.

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