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May’s Creation Club

This month’s Creation Club focus was on creeks and creek banks.  Sadly, though, the creek bank was grown up more than I had imagined and we didn’t get to do nearly as much exploring as planned.  For me, it didn’t matter because I can enjoy any nature walk.  For the children expecting to explore a…

July’s Creation Club

July’s meeting was less of a nature day and more a celebration of water.  We had a water field day!  Each of the moms brought a water game or two which turned out to be tons of fun. Let’s see, the kids played a relay carrying containers of water on their heads, a sponge and bucket relay, and…

June’s Creation Club

Yep, we’re still as busy as beavers around here!  I thought I’d stop in for a few minutes to show you some of the fun from our Creation Club this month….. We met at the local cemetery.  Cemeteries are wonderful for nature study!  Typically, they have a huge variety of trees, shrubs, fungi, weathering and…

Creation Club – Ponds

Creation Club – Ponds

This post contains affiliate links. So here’s what I had envisioned. A peaceful day at the pond with children who ever-so-quietly and diligently explored life in and around the pond.  Children who would pull out their nature journals at every interesting find, writing lovely poems and prayers.  A day of discovery and awe. Here’s what happened….

Our First Creation Club

Even with almost half of our club missing due to a funeral/illness/traveling, the first ever meeting of our Creation Club was a BLAST!  This month’s theme focused on why we study God’s creation and how God has perfectly designed plant and animal interdependency through food chains and predator/prey relationships. The meeting started with a reading of Psalm 95:…

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