Sap into Syrup Nature Study for Kids

Do you prefer pancakes or waffles? It’s a tie for me! Of course, the best part of either one is the sweet maple syrup drizzled over top. Where does that delicious maple syrup come from? Believe it or not, maple syrup comes from maple trees. In this episode of the No Sweat Nature Study podcast, learn how folks turn tree sap into syrup.

Not all maple trees contain sap that can be processed into edible syrup, but many species do. Sugar, black, red, and silver maples can all be tapped to drip sticky sweet liquid into buckets. Surprisingly, that sugary liquid is made during the wonderful process of photosynthesis!

golden brown maple syrup pours down over a towering stack of fluffy pancakes

Sap into Syrup Nature Study

After listening to the podcast episode, see how many of these questions you can answer:

  1. In which seasons do people tap maple trees for syrup?
  2. What is the green pigment that captures energy from the sun?
  3. What are some of the “ingredients” of photosynthesis?
  4. The sweet liquid flowing inside a tree is made of what type of sugar?
  5. Why is the sugar flowing through a tree important to the tree?
  6. What is necessary for the sugary liquid to begin to flow when a tree has been dormant during the winter?
  7. How long have people been tapping maple trees?
  8. What is the tapping mechanism called?

By the way, here’s the recipe for chickpea blondies that I promised to share with you. If you make them, tag me @OurJourneyWestward on Instagram to let me know if you like them or not!

Maple Sap Dripping into a Bucket

Sap into Syrup Nature Study Video Class

In the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study video class about sap into syrup, create a beautiful drawing or painting of maple sugar tapping. Learn about photosynthesis and the sugary sap that feeds the tree…and humans. Your nature journal will include a diagram of the process of getting maple syrup from a tree to the kitchen table, too.

As with all No Sweat Nature Study video classes, follow-up activities are provided. Expect these to be extra-yummy ideas!

Clear drop of sap dripping from a maple tree. Advertising a class about sap and syrup nature study.

Sap into Syrup Nature Walk Challenge

Feel free to download a free Sap into Syrup Nature Walk Challenge below. It will be instantly delivered to your email inbox. Grab a nature journal and some brightly colored pencils to enjoy an exciting nature walk!

Record a Voicemail for Mrs. Cindy

At the end of each No Sweat Nature Study Podcast episode, Mrs. Cindy includes messages from a few of her friends. You have the opportunity to record a message that she might use on an upcoming episode! All children must have their parent’s permission before leaving a recording. Parents are welcome to record an answer, too!

Think about your answer first and then follow these simple directions:

  1. Click the button that says “Start recording”.
  2. Please tell me your first name. (If you want to tell your age and/or where you live, feel free to do that, too.)
  3. You will have 60 seconds to answer the question but try to be concise.
  4. Push the play button to listen to your recording before sending it to be sure it is recorded properly. If not, record it again.

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