Redneck Paintball and Shaving

Have you ever heard of redneck paintball?  I hadn’t either!  Our preacher’s wife was in charge of the family event at church this month and her brilliant idea was redneck paintball.  The kids had a BLAST!  And, as you can see from the pictures above, my husband did, too!

The weapons are mustard or ketchup covered marshmallows.  Each team is trying to approach the other team on the other side of the field to steal their flag without getting hit twice by the paintballs.  FUN!!  (And messy.)

That same morning, my nine year old decided the two year old needed a quick shave.  The pictures were priceless!


  1. Veddy interesting. I’ve never heard of redneck paintball before. Do they just set out buckets of the messy marshmallows and people just grab them as they run by or is there some way to take them with you? Sounds like good messy fun!

  2. cindykwest says:


    One team had a bowl/bucket of mustard. The other team had ketchup. Marshmallows were just scattered on the ground next to the bowl/bucket. Each team member dipped as many marshmallows into their bowl/bucket as they could hold at one time. When they were out of ammunition, they had to race back to their bucket for more. At the end of each game (they played this over and over!!), they gathered ammunition from the playing field for reuse. I can’t tell you how much fun they had! Of course, the trash bags didn’t save every surface from staining. Those clothes are ruined forever. Luckily, the coordinator warned us ahead of time. Oh, and she also brought tons of wipes for clean-up afterward because our shelter area didn’t have water available.

  3. Too much fun! That is awesome. James would be all about this. I’ll have to show him. He used to play the real version when we first got married. Many bruises. He found some old paintballs a while back and let Monkey ‘paint’ our fence with her sling shot 🙂

  4. Oh! I love the shaving pics! They are priceless…

    The redneck paintball idea…LOL! I am certain my boys and hubby would have fun with that, too. I will have to share the idea for our next reunion.

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