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  • Ethnic mother and children gather on the couch to read together. Used as the cover for a masterclass about having a successful morning time.

    A Successful Homeschool Morning Time


    A successful morning time has the potential to be one of the sweetest and most productive moments of your homeschool day. Because there’s no right way to do it, morning time can seem overwhelming sometimes. Let me help you think about the possibilities and develop the perfect plan for your family.

  • iPad with light green trim with a caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly on a branch. Used as the cover for a nature curriculum about animal life cycles.

    Animal Life Cycles


    Did you know that each animal group has an amazingly unique life cycle? It’s true! Every animal begins as an egg and ends as an adult, but there are some very cool differences during the in-between stages. This curriculum will help you explore them all!

  • iPad icon with red trim with a brown moth in the middle. It is the cover for a curriculum about defense mechanisms of Animals

    Defense Mechanisms of Animals


    How do animals protect themselves from predators who would love to eat them for lunch? You won’t believe how many types of defense mechanisms animals have to keep themselves alive and well! From sharp teeth to chemical warfare and everything in between, you’ll be amazed at the unique tools animals possess.

  • iPad image with green trim with pink and green thistle flowers in the middle. Cover for a curriculum about Defense Mechanisms of Plants.

    Defense Mechanisms of Plants


    Just how do plants protect themselves from herbivores and illnesses? You’ll be amazed at how many defense mechanisms plants have! From thorns and poisons to stinky smells and self-destruction, plants are prepared for battle.

  • iPad icon with brown trim. In the middle is a green aloe plant. It is the cover of a curriculum about Desert Biomes.

    Desert Biomes


    Would you be surprised to know that all deserts aren’t hot? It’s true! There are deserts all over the world with different climates, different terrain, and different types of plants and animals. Let’s visit them together!

  • iPad with grey/blue trim. Has a drawing of two birds sitting on tree branches. It is the cover for a curriculum about Famous Naturalists.

    Famous Naturalists


    What could be more motivating for nature study than learning about some of the most famous naturalists of the 1800 and 1900s! Each of these scientists had a passion about nature that led to incredible accomplishments. 

  • iPad icon with green trim and pink coneflowers in the middle. Used as the cover for a nature study curriculum about flower families.

    Flower Families


    Understanding how to identify flower families opens up a new world of observation in nature study. You’ll love how easy it is to teach these identification and comparison skills in this fun curriculum! 

  • iPad icon with blue trim. Large tree with green leaves in the center. Used as the cover for a nature curriculum about habitats.



    There is a busy buzz of activity in any habitat constantly working to maintain a delicate balance for the health of every plant and animal that calls it home. Learn all about habitats in this multi-media curriculum!

  • iPad with green trim and a plant sprouting form a pile of soil in the middle of the screen. This is used as the cover for a curriculum about the life cycle of flowering plants.

    Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant


    Discover the complex flower life cycle with this easy-to-use curriculum that you can use with your entire family. Your children will love learning about beautiful flowering plants and their amazing abilities!

  • Child moving a chess piece on a chess board. Promoting a masterclass about logic and critical thinking.

    Logic and Critical Thinking in the Homeschool


    Logic and critical thinking are “critical” for every homeschool because they train children to think. Trained thinking helps children of all ages in every situation from academics to attitudes. This masterclass with show you exactly how to implement logic and critical thinking easily!

  • iPad icon with green trim and a snail in the middle. Used as the cover for a nature curriculum about math and patterns in nature.

    Math in Nature


    When math and science meet in real-life, expect a depth of understanding that can’t be beat! This not-to-miss nature curriculum makes amazing connections that will inspire your students to look for math everywhere.

  • iPad with purple trim and a bat hanging upside down on a tree branch. This is a cover for a nature study curriculum about nocturnal animals.

    Nocturnal Animals


    You’re awake during the day and sleep at night, right? Many animals follow that same routine, but there’s an entire world of animals that are flip-flopped and spend the nighttime hours awake and active. Just who are these animals and how to they get anything done in the dark? Let’s find out!

  • iPad with orange trim and a bright green and orange tree frog in the middle. For a nature study curriculum about rainforest biomes.

    Rainforest Biomes


    What comes to mind when you think of rainforests? I bet you pictured some amazing plants and animals…and lots of rain. You’re right! Let’s go visit some rainforests together to learn just how incredible they are!

  • iPad with dark blue trim and the planet Jupiter in the middle. Used as the cover for a curriculum about space observations.

    Space Observations


    Space science and nature study collide as you learn about the amazing, observable objects that seem so far away in the sky. You won’t want to miss this adventure! 

  • iPad with brown trim with a giraffe that has a bunch of birds roosting on its neck and back. Used as the cover for a curriculum about symbiosis.



    These fun symbiosis lessons take a tough science topic and make it easy for children of all ages to understand!

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