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  • Dad and son hugging. Advertising a masterclass about love-centered discipline.

    Love-Centered Discipline


    Discipline isn’t just giving our children consequences, it’s also training them in the skills of decision-making, self-control, and responsibility. The good news is that we can do all of the above with success and a big dose of love!

  • Sale! colorful title page for a book called loving living math that has math symbols on it

    Loving Living Math


    Are you tired of mundane math lessons that leave your child disengaged and uninspired? This how-to guide helps parents understand and easily implement living math principles at any grade level. 

  • No Sweat Nature Study: Math in Nature Curriculum

    Math in Nature


    When math and science meet in real-life, expect a depth of understanding that can’t be beat! This not-to-miss nature curriculum makes amazing connections that will inspire your students to look for math everywhere.

  • No Sweat Nature Study LIVE | Science Classes for Kids product cover

    No Sweat Nature Study Membership

    From: $25.00 / month

    Nature study is important because it provides real-life foundations for all the sciences. Yes, all of them. It encourages higher-order thinking skills through observation, investigation, research, comparison, classification, experimentation, and so much more. Mrs. Cindy is here to help you make nature study easy in your homeschool…and you won’t have to do anything more than turn on the computer!

    Charter schools please click here.

  • Nocturnal Animals


    You’re awake during the day and sleep at night, right? Many animals follow that same routine, but there’s an entire world of animals that are flip-flopped and spend the nighttime hours awake and active. Just who are these animals and how to they get anything done in the dark? Let’s find out!

  • Peaceful Ponds


    Using Peaceful Ponds, you’ll have so much fun learning about pond plants and animals, as well as earth science topics as they relate to ponds. 

  • This unique curriculum about rainforest biomes includes a variety of media to learn science through nature study.

    Rainforest Biomes


    What comes to mind when you think of rainforests? I bet you pictured some amazing plants and animals…and lots of rain. You’re right! Let’s go visit some rainforests together to learn just how incredible they are!

  • Remarkable Rain


    Quiet and peaceful or wild and raging, rain is a sight to behold in all it’s glory.  Don’t worry, not all rain nature study has to take place outside…but have your raincoat handy!

  • Snow And Ice


    Not everyone thinks of nature study when the temperatures dip below freezing, but there are some amazing discoveries in store for you when you venture out during the winter months!

  • Cover of the No Sweat Nature Study Space Observations curriculum with brown and dark blue accents. In the center of the image is the planet Jupiter with its large red spot.

    Space Observations


    Space science and nature study collide as you learn about the amazing, observable objects that seem so far away in the sky. You won’t want to miss this adventure! 

  • Spectacular Spiders


    Don’t be afraid! Spiders aren’t really that scary once you get to know them. In fact, after visiting with them on nature walks, you’re likely to gain an exciting interest in their behavior and beauty. Come on along!

  • Symbiosis No Sweat Nature Study curriculum. The cover has a giraffe with many small birds sitting on its back and neck. Also has a brown banner on the top and bottom.



    These fun symbiosis lessons take a tough science topic and make it easy for children of all ages to understand!

  • Blonde boy in blue button down holds a clay model of a volcano that he has painted in various colors, and holds a yellow paintbrush in the other hand. Used as the cover for a masterclass about unit studies.

    Unit Study Masterclass


    I hear you. You’re thinking, “Wait. I thought Cindy was a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschooler. How exactly does a unit study fit into the mix?” Oh, it’s easy!  During the years when I was homeschooling multiple ages, unit studies saved my bacon in a lot of ways. We studied history and science in four-year cycles. In…

  • Wonderful Wildflowers


    Wildflower nature study can take place during each and every season – even winter. Boys and girls alike will enjoy these lessons!

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