Overcoming Homeschool Burnout

Yep, the season for burnout is upon us.  Better days are ahead for those who hang in there.  I’m hoping this is one blog you can disregard because everything is joyful and sweet in your homeschool.  If not, I hope some of these ideas will perk up your blahs.

Symptoms of Burnout



lack of motivation


feel like a failure

crying for no apparent reason

hard to muster enthusiasm about school

many chores/jobs being left undone

feel pressure that children are being left behind

Overcoming Burnout


Be in the Word daily

Get plenty of rest – mom & children

Get plenty of exercise – mom & children

Eat well & drink plenty – mom & children

Don’t allow too much free time

Don’t become a curriculum slave

Take time to be alone

Designate a place for school “stuff” so you have a visual and mental break from school

Don’t compare yourself or your school with others

Allow input from your children

Set realistic goals

Take “fun day” breaks

Communicate expectations with children

Take frequent breaks during the day

Vary the teaching and learning techniques

Don’t be a perfectionist

Be flexible

Ask hubby for support

Talk to a veteran homeschooler

Don’t overschedule

Organize yourself

Be part of a support group!

Well, I’m off for the weekend.  We’re headed to Bowling Green for a trip to Mammoth Cave Friday and then the CHEK Leadership Convention Saturday.  I’m doing a workshop at the convention and certainly would appreciate your prayers!  Anyway, I wanted to leave you with some encouragement since I won’t be posting for a few days.  Have a great end to your week!

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