Out of the Mouths of Babes

In preparing to speak to the THINK and CACH homeschool support goups this week, I haven’t had (and probably won’t have) much time to blog.  I’m very excited about both of these meetings because I get to see a few long lost homeschooling friends AND meet a few blogging friends!  Not to mention, I get to visit with Melissa since one of the meetings is in her neck of the woods!  :o)

Before I sign off for a few days, though, I thought I’d leave you with another Eli post.  Toddlers make for great writing material!  He’s just  20 months old.  You might think that’s too young to be a coniving little stinker, but I’m here to prove you wrong…..

He and I walked into the office where he had overturned a chair.

Him:  (Pointing ) Oh!  (means: uh-oh)

Me:  Oh, no!  Who did that?

Him:  (without hesitation or batting an eye)  Bubby.

Me:  No, Caleb didn’t do it.  Who did it?

Him:  (again, without hesitation)  Thithee. (sissy)

Me:  No, Mahayla didn’t do it.  Who did it?

Him:  Daddy.

Me:  No, Daddy didn’t do it.  Mommy thinks Eli did it.  Did Eli do it?

Him:  (covering his eyes thinking I can’t see him)

Me:  Eli, did you knock over the chair?

Him:  (smiling a devilish little grin with his head tilted and eyelashes batting)  Uh-huh.  (in a joyful sing-song voice)

Boy, am I in trouble.

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