National Underground Railroad Museum

Tucked away in downtown Maysville, KY, overlooking the Ohio River is the National Underground Railroad Museum.  My children had the pleasure of touring the museum located in the Bierbower House, which was a safe house for runaway slaves.  Crawling through an underground tunnel that opened into a small room of four beds, runaway slaves could rest here before crossing the close-by river into Ohio and into freedom.

Many stories, artifacts and displays went along with a tour of the house and safe quarters.  It’s a good addition to a study of slavery, along with The Freedom Center in Cincinnati.


  1. As a writer of history, I have to see the Underground Railroad as one of the proudest examples of individual goodness in our nation’s past.

  2. Wonderful!! What a treasure to have so close by!

  3. Oh, I’d love to visit that museum with my daughter! It is an amazing time in our history.

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