Why the Jotham’s Journey Series is NOT to be Missed

What do you get when you mix historical fiction with lots of adventure then add daily devotionals for Advent?  The Jotham’s Journey series of books!  These books are simply NOT to be missed.

The Jotham's Journey series of books is FABULOUS reading for the month of December. Historical fiction that points the way to the One makes great family reading.

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That’s the best word I can think of to describe these page-turning, spine-tingling adventure stories meant to be read in December to point the way to the One who was our ultimate Christmas gift!

They are our all-time favorite living literature for the Christmas season!

There are four books in the Jotham’s Journey series which are written as daily read-alouds for Advent (aka: the days leading up to Christmas.)

You only read one book per year – meaning the entire series provides your family with FOUR years worth of Advent reading.  And, if you’re like us, you’ll start the series over again at least once for eight years’ worth!

Jotham's Journey: A Storybook for Advent (Storybooks for Advent)Bartholomew's Passage: A Family Story for Advent (Storybooks for Advent)Tabitha's Travels: A Family Story for Advent (Storybooks for Advent)Ishtar's Odyssey: A Family Story for Advent (Storybooks for Advent)


Arnold Ytreeide Rocks

The author, Arnold Ytreeide, is a master storyteller whose interesting story lines delicately weave each new tale into the next.  Not only that, his creativity in telling the story of our Savior’s birth alongside the story of the main characters is really breathtaking.

The main characters in each book come to the Christmas story from completely different perspectives  and with completely different adventures – each well-worth reading.

Excitement.  Mystery.  Intrigue.  Bad guys.  Good guys.  Character struggles.  Lessons to be learned for sure.  All leading to the miracle of the first Christmas.

What could be better than awesome stories to prepare your family’s heart for Christmas?  Your children will be drawn back into the days before Jesus’ birth, treasuring the lessons learned by each character – and finding the joy of Jesus in the end every time.

It never fails that each day’s reading leaves my children begging for more!  When we read about Jotham’s quest through Palestine to find his family, we’re often on the edge of our seats wondering how he can possibly escape the danger he’s stumbled into.  When Bartholomew is taken from Galilee as a slave of the Romans, we can’t wait to learn if slavery is his destiny.  When Tabitha’s father is taken prisoner, we’re beyond excited when Zechariah and Elizabeth come to her aid.  And when Ishtar, son of the Magi, searches with his father to find the newborn King, we jump for joy when he befriends Jotham, Bartholomew and Tabitha.

Every single time we sit on the edge of our seats.  Every time.

I should mention a note of caution.  The books are SO full of adventure (some in the form of dangerous situations that can be scary to little ears) that I would suggest reading them with children who are eight or older.

The Jotham's Journey series of books is NOT to be missed during the Christmas season!

Where do you start?

The books should be read in the following order.

  1. Jotham’s Journey
  2. Bartholomew’s Passage
  3. Tabitha’s Travels
  4. Ishtar’s Odyssey

Each book is meant to be read daily through the month of December and followed with family discussion over the devotional questions provided after each reading.

Have you read any of the Jotham’s Journey series?  If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  If you haven’t read them yet, get ready to join Jotham on his journey beginning December 1st.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry!

And guess what?  An Easter devotional is available, too!

Amon’s Adventure follows Amon as he strives to save the life of his father, Jotham, who has been falsely accused of a crime and sentenced to death!  As you can imagine, his life also intersects with the Savior of the world in a magnificent turn of events.

The only prerequisite to read this book is having read Jotham’s Journey already.  So, jump right in this coming Easter if you like!

Amon's Adventure: A Family Story for Easter


Advent (and Easter) Themed Science

While we’re on the subject of Advent – or is that Easter now?  Either way, I’ve written some creative, nature-based studies that should help you find Jesus in your science lessons this Christmas AND Easter.  They will provide you with learning ideas for years to come!


  1. I agree! They are our favorite for the Christmas! We have enjoyed them for 15 years. Well that is when the first started for us. Then we were very excited when more were added! And this year a new one for us. Ishtar’s Odyssey! They are excellent for the whole family to keep a focus on the true meaning of Christmas.
    We even have given the set as a gift to our older ones who have now married. To share with their family.
    Yes, Don’t miss out. Start a new tradition in your home.

  2. Hi Cindy – I just purchase Jotham’s Journey a couple weeks ago for my 6 & 4 year old, but it sounds like I may want to hold off for a couple years after reading your post. Do you have any suggestions for a living book/advent devotional for younger children?

  3. What a great idea to share as gifts, Dawn!

  4. Yes, Courtney, I would wait just a little while on Jotham’s Journey. With little ones, I usually just read various picture books () and we do Jesse Tree ornaments each day as we talk about the Bible stories that go along.

    You might also consider Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. I haven’t read it myself, but it gets high reviews. From looking at the previews, it seems as if it might be appropriate for at least your six year old. Merry Christmas!

  5. Love Jothams journey series. We have 2 teens in our home and they beg for more too!!! Thank you for making these. Our family is so blessed by them. They spark the deepest spiritual conversations. With 5 of us going different directions, these books keep us coming back together for family time during the busiest time of the year. And that means the world to this moms heart

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