Gearing Up for Nature Study!

Creative Nature Walks: A Great, New Resource from Cindy West of Shining Dawn Books

Spring!  Spring is almost here!  In Kentucky, we’ve had an unusually long, hard winter – like many of you.  I know we’re all ready to burst outdoors for nature study as soon as the weather permits.

Boy, do I have some good news for you!  I’ve just released a brand new book of more than 100 (yes, one-hundred) nature study ideas!  Once the weather breaks, you could take learning outside for the next 100+ days if you wanted to.  🙂


Creative Nature Walks:  More than 100 fun and educational ideas!

63 pages, e-book


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Each of the 100+ nature walk ideas is accompanied by several extension ideas, too.  So I guess I could really say there are 300 or 400+ nature walk ideas included!  The suggestions are easy to implement, fun for your entire family, very educational, and practical.  I’m all about practicality and this book follows suit.

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To celebrate the release (and the upcoming spring season), I’m offering Creative Nature Walks for only $5.00 when you use the code “ComeOnSpring” at checkout.  This offer ends 3/15/14.

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If you’d like to learn more or see a sample, you can visit the Creative Nature Walks product page at Shining Dawn Books.


NaturExplorers: Renewing a love for learning through creative nature study curriculum that can be used with any homeschooling style

Don’t forget the more than 20 NaturExplorers studies I have available, too!  These in-depth guides can help you with ideas for weekly nature study, give you suggestions for teaching the topic with a Charlotte Mason flair, offer you project-based learning ideas, or provide you will all you need for a full-blown unit studyYou decide!



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