Fungi Study

I told you I’ve been slacking on my posts!  Four botany study posts in four days doesn’t mean we’ve been studying botany in such depth every day.  In fact, each topic took us at least a week to cover.  Today’s post is about one of the lessons spent learning about fungi.

After some activities from A Fungus Among Us and Lyrical Life Science, Caleb was asked to go on photo walk.  His goal was to find and photograph as many samples of as he could.  With Eli (our little nature detective) helping, Caleb was able to photograph over 20 fungi varieties!  Below are some of the most interesting photos.

Besides science and photography, this lesson was stretched to include writing and computer skills, too.  I posted last week about the notebooking page he created.

Of course, with boys, a nature walk never ends up being entirely about the topic at hand.  They always find exciting extras…

What nature studies have been keeping you busy this autumn?

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  1. this is fantastic! you must live in a moist climate? 🙂

    amy in peru

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