Fun Fall Afternoons

Autumn afternoons are full of free time fun (and learning) for my children.  Below are just a few pictures from recent days.

Mahayla spends countless hours caring for her horses and pony.  She’s recently learned how to braid horse hair in various styles.

Another of Mahayla’s afternoon activities is photography.  Eli happens to be her subject most often (and he loves the attention.)

Even afternoon chores turn into fun – sometimes.

We took a fun trip to the UK Arboretum one afternoon this week to get an autumn look at the many native plants and gardens.  I couldn’t resist some fall-themed portraits.

Mahayla – 12

Caleb – 9

Eli – 2


  1. Your daughter has the life I always wanted growing up! 🙂

    Love the photos of your two eldes among the tree branches–very nice.

  2. I cannot believe how the little’s have grown up so! Please tell Mahayla that she has some GREAT potential! She should send some of those wonderful photos for a contest! On NF..Wildlife website they have contests..Truly GREAT pics! Your pics that you took of the little’s were FAB as well! Planting GREAT seeds/memories in the little’s ..your always wonderful with that! WE MISS you all!

  3. Great pictures! It looks like fun times.

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