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Beautiful Birds


This nature study guide helps bring birds nearer and dearer to your heart through serious observation and study during all seasons of the year.

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Birds are beautiful creatures! They’re also pretty amazing – as you’ll learn through the activities in the Beautiful Birds NaturExplorers guide.

Once you begin observing birds from near and far you’ll begin to recognize their calls and characteristics. You’ll also marvel at their similarities and vast differences.

Did you know not all birds eat worms?

Or that birds have very different beaks depending on the food they eat?

Did you know birds can recognize each other not only by their calls, but also their markings?

Or that there are more than 10,000 species of birds in the world?

Through a myriad of nature walks, hands-on activities and research lessons, you’ll become quite the bird expert! Paying attention to such things as sights, sounds, habitats, and behaviors will set you on a path of observation and learning that might even become a lifelong passion.

What might you do on a nature walk?

  • investigate bird homes
  • chart bird visitors
  • experiment with bird feeders
  • identify feathers
  • search for signs of woodpeckers
  • sketch birds shapes

What might you do back at home?

  • make your own bird feeders
  • experiment with various types of beaks
  • try your hand at nest building
  • learn about bird parts and functions,
  • map migration patterns
  • study famous ornithologists

The bird nature study guide offers a fresh and comprehensive study of birds from a nature study-inspired perspective.  There are over 100 activity ideas and 16 prepared notebooking pages for you!

You’ll look forward to each season as you learn to watch for subtle and not-so-subtle changes in the bird life of your area.

Bird nature study fits well with any general study of ornithology, animals, or biology. It would also go nicely with a study of flight.

61 pages, digital curriculum



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