Animal Signs


Animals signs are all around! Use your nature detective skills to determine just which animals and insects live near you.

It’s time to put your detective skills to good use! Keen eyes, sharp ears, and a super sniffer will help you determine which animals and insects live in your habitat.

Don’t think sleuthing will be a simple task! Your detective hunts might require you to:

  • keep track of clues in your nature journal
  • detail precise findings
  • take measurements
  • create maps
  • preserve some of your clues

Once you gather enough information to know which animals are in your habitat, you’ll be asked to compare and contrast some of the data collected – like the sizes and shapes of animal tracks.

What will you find?

Bones? Scat? Feathers?

Animal tracks? Slime trails? Exoskeletons?

Every new find will be exciting no matter what!

With this NaturExplorers animal signs nature study, you’ll always want to be prepared with a few important detective tools – a nature notebook, pencils, a measuring tape and compass. These are sure to serve you well as you note all your findings.

Back at home, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to keep on sleuthing!

  • compare animals
  • learn about predator prey relationships of animals in your area
  • build possible food chain relationships
  • research the history of animal tracking
  • learn the differences between various animal groups
  • think Biblically about the tracks you leave in this world

These are just a few of the ideas for investigations, projects, experiments, research and more that you’ll find in this animal signs nature study. You’ll also enjoy 14 colorful notebooking pages!

Even children who aren’t natural detectives still get excited about this study. Never fear, though. If your child truly isn’t into “becoming a detective,” you can easily do all the activities without making a big deal of the sleuthing.

Maybe the best part of this curriculum…once you use it in one habitat, you can do it all over again in a different habitat! Explore your backyard, then head to the forest, then head to the creek, then head to the beach…

If you’re looking for a way to improve nature study observation skills, the Animal Signs guide will work wonders. Once a nature detective, always a nature detective.

55 pages, digital curriculum



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