Cumberland Falls

We took a mini-trip to Cumberland Falls in Southern KY not too long ago.  It was such a beautiful afternoon!  The waterfall is majestic, the rock samples are outstanding, the hikes are not too difficult, and the scenery is gorgeous!

You’re able to walk right up to the water a short distance before the waterfall.

There are several vantage points to see the waterfall in its powerful beauty.

There’s even a very fun beach area below the falls where you can play in the sand or water.

Small caves were all over the place, too.

Here’s just a sampling of the varied rocks we were able to see – amazing!


  1. I’m putting that on my to do list! It would only be a day trip. Such fun!

  2. Love the pictures!!! The caves and waterfalls are gorgeous! The kids are getting so big!! Take care adn have a wonderful day!

  3. I forgot to ask. Are you by any chance in Cumberland County? I have family in Crossville.

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