Cincinnati Art Museum Field Trip

Our homeschool group visited the Cincinnati Art Museum last week.  What a wonderful trip!!  We knew we’d see art and hoped we find art by a famous artist or two, but had no idea how many famous artist’s works they have.  I’ve included a BUNCH of pictures, but this only scratches the surface of treasures we found!  And even better – the trip was FREE!

(Sorry for the slant to the pictures.  The only way to take a decent picture without an awful glare was to take it from the side.  And these pictures don’t do the artwork one bit of justice!)


Really from Egypt!

Cincinatti Art Museum

Matteo di Giovanni

Grant Wood

Grant Wood

Charles Russell

Charles Russell

Rousseau Art

Theodore Rousseau

Van Gogh

Van Gogh – My Favorite!!


Claude Monet


Mary Cassatt – My Second Favorite!


Pierre Auguste Renior


Paul Cezanne


Pablo Picasso


Marc Chagall


Andy Warhol


Joan Miro

I’m ready to go back and take more time to really observe the art – without a two year old would help!  Fair warning – if you decide to go, realize there are nudes and it’s hard to avoid them.


  1. It looks like a great trip. It’s been years since I visited there, but I do remember it being a nice museum – especially for the price. 🙂
    If you all do make a second visit, I’d love to meet you down there – we’re in the area.
    I think my oldest would probably enjoy it. (I’ve also thought it would make a fun outing for a homeschool Moms Day Out!)

  2. Wow! It looks so wonderful! What a great representation of so many great artists!
    I’m so glad you got to go (even with a 2 year old).

  3. Love the Charles Russell. My boys wanted to see a real one so badly – and I couldn’t find a museum near us that had one. Fortunately, a friend from MT did have one and let us borrow it.

    Love the Cassat too.

    I have a question for you. How are you able to post 2 label/catagories for an entry? I have only started this, but didn’t know you could do more than one. That would really be nice!


  4. Oh, what fun! I think my favorites were the Chagall (who we’ve studied) and the Miro (who we need to study!) 🙂

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