Nature Study

Nature study has been one of the most rewarding subjects in our homeschool through the years. It reaches deeply into every single realm of science. It gets us outdoors for fresh air, sunshine and exercise. It creatively includes other subjects like language arts, math, geography, and even history. But most importantly, God has revealed so much about Himself to us through the study of nature.

Nature study works easily with all homeschooling styles. It makes a huge difference with children who need to be active. It can meet all kinds of learning styles, and offers those with learning disabilities a fresh perspective on learning to give them success. Best of all, nature study works really, really well when teaching multiple ages. I know you’ll enjoy some amazing learning using the lessons you’ll find below. Have fun!

Creation Club – Ponds

Creation Club – Ponds

This post contains affiliate links. So here’s what I had envisioned. A peaceful day at the pond with children who ever-so-quietly and diligently explored life in and around the pond.  Children who would pull out their nature journals at every interesting find, writing lovely poems and prayers.  A day of discovery and awe. Here’s what happened….

Hot Rocks!

Making hot rocks was SO much fun!  Since we just happened to be doing the rocks and minerals section of our earth science unit, the craft fit in perfectly.  The rocks turned out so well, we entered them in the craft division of our co-op’s expo. Heat rocks in the oven at 350 for 15…

Haircuts and Flowers

Yesterday was a b-u-s-y day!  Between a 15-month checkup with shots (ouch!) for little one and his first haircut, we really put Eli through the ringer.  I’d been waiting until we got the new camera before taking him for his first haircut and this picture shows just how badly he needed it.  🙂 You’ll see…

Our First Creation Club

Even with almost half of our club missing due to a funeral/illness/traveling, the first ever meeting of our Creation Club was a BLAST!  This month’s theme focused on why we study God’s creation and how God has perfectly designed plant and animal interdependency through food chains and predator/prey relationships. The meeting started with a reading of Psalm 95:…

Nature, Up Close and Personal

I’m Baaaack!  We finally bought a new camera yesterday!  🙂  I just haven’t been the same blogger since the old camera died.  LOL  Here’s the perfect moment caught on film, er, digital something or other….. Tonight was SO beautiful, we decided to take a short walk to the barn to visit with a couple of…

Bird Center

Here’s the newest summer center at our house – Birds! The box of books on the right includes nonfiction books about all sorts of birds – everything from birds we see around here to penguins to toucans.  I’ve also included some really good children’s literature that have birds as characters – Make Way for Ducklings…

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