Animal Signs in the Snow

We’re having so much fun studying snow, ice and frost this season!  On a recent nature walk, we were looking specifically for animal tracks.  We weren’t disappointed!  Each of the pictures below shows prints or trails made by different animals.  Unfortunately, I’m not an expert tracker yet, so I can’t identify all of them.  I’ve given my educated guesses, though.

These were very small, almost cat-like, but only in one area right below a tree in the woods – I’m guessing a squirrel or chipmunk.
This was obviously a small animal that could easily walk under the wire fence. I hope you can see the trail leading through the field under the fence.  My best guess is this is a rabbit trail.
This was a trail of very tiny and shallow prints. Shallow enough to be a bird, but not shaped like birds’ feet. Plus, there’s a definite drag mark. Can you see it?  I’m pretty stumped on this one, but guessing a mouse possibly.
Can you see the prints all the way across the fallen tree? Maybe a raccoon, although the placement of the feet makes me think rabbit.  Hmmm…
I loved these delicate little prints side by side. Besides a very small rabbit, I believe a rat or small squirrel could’ve made the prints.
Deer! I know this one!
I have no idea what made these, but it was neat to think an animal had walked our trail before us. It looks similar like a dog’s gait, but our dog had not walked this direction yet. Coyote or fox maybe?
Dog! Our dogs love to walk on the frozen pond.

What great nature finds have you made this month?

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  1. I enjoyed this post, we will be doing “tracks” for our next lesson, so this was great! Blessings

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