Animal Personification Nature Study for the Entire Family

Wait. Isn’t personification a language arts topic? What does it have to do with science or nature study? Great question! Mrs. Cindy will explain herself in this creative episode about figurative language. As strange as it sounds, I think you’ll enjoy animal personification nature study!

Animal Personification Nature Study

Listen to the podcast episode to learn the definition of personification with a few examples from popular children’s books. Then, see how many of these questions you can answer!

  1. In what school subject do you usually discuss personification?
  2. Personification is a type of ________ language.
  3. Name some other types of figurative language.
  4. Why do authors use figurative language?
  5. What does personification do in a book?
  6. What is the keyword in “personification” that reminds you of its definition?
  7. Name one example of a book where you’ve seen an animal personified.
Humpy Dumpty falling off a wall

Animal Personification Nature Study Video Class

During the upcoming No Sweat Nature Study LIVE video class, have fun drawing an animal and its personified partner in your nature journal. Expect to see many examples of how plants, animals, and even rocks have been personified in literature over the years. This colorful animal personification nature study class includes comparison sketches of realistic animals and cartoon animals.

Raccoon is eating something from its hands. This image is for an advertisement for a class about animal personification.

Would you like to record a voicemail to answer this season’s nature study question?

At the end of each No Sweat Nature Study Podcast episode, Mrs. Cindy includes messages from a few of her friends. You can record a message that she might use on an upcoming episode! All children must have their parent’s permission before leaving a recording, but parents are welcome to record an answer, too!

See this season’s question below. Think about your answer first, then follow these simple directions:

  1. Click the button that says “Start recording”.
  2. Tell me your first name. (If you want to tell your age and/or where you live, feel free to do that.)
  3. You will have 60 seconds to answer the question but try to be concise.
  4. Push the play button to listen to your recording before sending it to be sure it is recorded properly. If not, simply record it again.

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