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Enjoy Language Arts at the Library

Here are some ideas for a scavenger hunt at the library that will build all sorts of academic muscle.  Questions can easily be altered for younger or older children.  This was planned for my 5th grader and it will probably take a couple trips to finish.  (By the way, the librarians will love you for this!)

Library Scavenger Hunt Printable

Download the printable version here.


Library Scavenger Hunt

How long may books be checked out from the library?

How long may DVD’s be check out of the library?

Use the computer catalog to search for a book about horses, Daniel Boone and New Zealand. After finding the books, write the title, author and Dewey Decimal numbers for each book.

What’s the difference between a book labeled with an E and a book labeled with a J?

What does JB stand for? And how could you find a book on Abraham Lincoln without using the catalog?

What is the charge for an overdue library book?

What is the charge for an overdue DVD?

Find the section of books about medieval times. What are the Dewey Decimal numbers?

Find a Newberry Award book. Give its title, author and Dewey Decimal numbers.

Find a Caldecott Award book. Give its title, author and Dewey Decimal numbers.

Name two magazines your library carries that interest you.

What’s the difference between a book labeled J Blum and J 545.23?

Find a book about an artist. Give its title, author and Dewey Decimal numbers.

Find a fairy tale. Give its title author and Dewy Decimal numbers.

Locate a book about China. From the book, write the page number you find each of the following.

Title page –

Copyright –

Table of contents –

Index –

Locate a book from the Juvenile Fiction section. Find the following information and put a check beside each after showing your mom.

Book description –

Introduction –

Dedication –

Author description –

Illustrator description –

What can you do if your library doesn’t carry a book you really want to check out?

Does the library offer books on tape or books on CD for children? Name one you would be interested in listening to.

What does your librarian like most about her job?

What does she like least about her job?

What are some of her responsibilities?

What opportunities are available for a young volunteer at the library?

Find out the title, date and time of one special event the library is offering soon.

Where does money come from to buy books for the library?

What happens to books and magazines when the library doesn’t use them anymore?

Enjoy!  Let me know how your family enjoys the hunt!

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