13 Colonies Lapbook/Notebook

We’re finishing up our Thirteen Colonies & Colonial Life Unit this week!  I’ll be posting soon about the biggest chunk of the unit, but I wanted to take a minute to highlight the 13 Colonies lapbook/notebook we put together using: I had to do the legwork of locating library books about each of the Thirteen…

Take a Walk in Your Socks??

That’s what we did yesterday!  All in the name of nature study, of course.  With some of Dad’s older socks (one white pair and one dark pair) the kids were instructed to run through as many fields, patches of weeds, fence rows – whatever they could find – and then come back home in ten…

Field Trip Journals

Remember the Field Trip Journals?  We’re still using them this year and I couldn’t be happier with them.  They are proving to make great writing assignments, and I’m finding the kids absolutely love looking through them for the memories.  I love to watch the kids sort through brochures, ticket stubs and pictures trying to decide what to include and how…

Fine Arts Tuesday #4

The walnut trees are beginning to change colors and drop leaves in Kentucky already.  While they’re still full of nuts, I wanted our nature study time this week to focus on these trees.  We used one of the nature notebooking pages from the Delightful Deciduous Trees NaturExplorers study to focus our attention. Mahayla made some Apple…

Creation Club – Ponds

Creation Club – Ponds

This post contains affiliate links. So here’s what I had envisioned. A peaceful day at the pond with children who ever-so-quietly and diligently explored life in and around the pond.  Children who would pull out their nature journals at every interesting find, writing lovely poems and prayers.  A day of discovery and awe. Here’s what happened….

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