A Grinch Birthday Party

What a fun 7th birthday celebration we had for my little Christmas man.  Grinchy green was everywhere thanks to the wonderful ideas I found on Pinterest.  Even if you don’t have a December birthday babe in your house,  these ideas would be great for a lighthearted gathering this Christmas season or a fun book/movie night….

My Oldest Love

She turned 12.  How did that happen??  Happy Birthday my sweet girl, or I suppose I should say my sweet young lady!  What a privilege and honor to be your mother! We had lots of fun celebrating with a little ice skating, a family party and a girls-only (plus a toddler) shopping trip. Oh, and…

A Birthday Party!

Eli won’t officially be two until December 23rd.  Since everyone was going to be in town for the big kid’s Christmas Program Sunday, we decided to celebrate his birthday a little early. Eli with his Daddy and Great-Grandpa. He didn’t quite understand what presents were all about at first, but let’s just say I think…

Happy Birthday to Me!

Mahayla surprised me this morning with a very yummy breakfast in honor of my 37th birthday.  I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs until it was ready – in other words, they made me stay in bed for an extra half-hour!  When I was called down, everyone greeted me at the bottom of steps by singing…

Love Notes

What’s good about living on a gravel road in a drought?  This…. The same child (who wants to be anonymous) made me an early birthday present.  It’s a new broom made from alfalfa hay.  It leaves the most lovely covering of alfalfa leaves on my porch as I sweep.

Happy Birthday, Steve!

On Thursday of last week I reminded the kids that Daddy’s birthday was coming up.  Within hours, Caleb had designed and built these two gifts.  I heard lots of hammering at the barn and the next thing I knew, Mahayla had hooked the wagon to the lawn tractor in an effort to help Caleb hide the (enormous) gifts under…

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my sweet, beautiful Mahayla!  We celebrated your BIG 10 year old birthday today – I can’t believe it’s been TEN YEARS already!!  I wouldn’t trade one moment of these ten years for all the money in the world.  You are growing into an amazing young lady and I look forward to all the days…

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