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  • Multiple children playing tug-of-war with a rope on green grass. The foremost child has red hair and is wearing an orange sweater. Used as the cover for a masterclass about creative character building.

    Character Building Masterclass


    Excellent character is certainly a goal every parent has for their children. The integrity and perseverance that grow from good character will help them in every single aspect of their lives now and later. Whether you have a struggling kiddo (or two) or just want some new ideas for building strong character qualities, this class will help with some super easy and creative ideas!     

  • A boy and a girl studying a book. Advertising a masterclass about curriculum choices.

    Confidence in Homeschool Curriculum Choices


    Confidence in your homeschool curriculum choices can be a reality! Learn how to make curriculum decisions and move forward fearlessly.

  • A brother and sister sitting on a white countertop with blue cabinets above and beneath. The brother is holding a pot over his face, and the sister is wearing a metal colander on her head. They are having a good time. This is used for the cover of a masterclass about homeschooling creatively through the winter blahs.

    Creative Homeschooling Through the Winter Blahs


    The winter blahs are real! They may leave you without the motivation to plan one more lesson and/or you may find your children bouncing off of every single wall in the house. Let me share a few tips and tricks to keep you energetically and creatively homeschooling in winter! 

  • Boy in a red, white, and blue plaid shirt is doing some homework with the help of another boy. This is the cover for a masterclass about the marvelous years of middle school.

    Homeschooling Middle School


    Homeschooling middle school is probably my favorite season of all. There is so much freedom and potential in the middle school years that can make for incredible learning – even during those turbulent hormonal swings. I can’t wait to give you a vision to seize these wonderful moments!

  • Lady with glasses and dark hair in overalls holding a pile of books and notebooks. Used as the cover of a masterclass about tweaking curriculum to meet your needs,

    How To Tweak Curriculum To Meet Your Needs


    Wait! Before you ditch the curriculum that isn’t working, try tweaking it instead. There are so many easy things you can do to make the curriculum you have now meet the needs of your specific children or your general homeschool style. Learn about several options that could save your sanity and your pocketbook!

  • Dad and son hugging. Advertising a masterclass about love-centered discipline.

    Love-Centered Discipline


    Discipline isn’t just giving our children consequences, it’s also training them in the skills of decision-making, self-control, and responsibility. The good news is that we can do all of the above with success and a big dose of love!

  • iPad cover for a mastercalss about making time for the Homeschool Extras. It has a hand holding a small globe with a leafy tree growing out above the globe.

    Making Time for the Extras in Homeschooling


    All those homeschooling extras seem like so much fun. They would add such rich learning and maybe even ignite passions. But, seriously, there is no time to add one more thing to your homeschooling schedule, right? Well…let Cindy help you make a little room for some of the things you never thought you could find the time to do with your children!

  • Blonde boy in blue button down holds a clay model of a volcano that he has painted in various colors, and holds a yellow paintbrush in the other hand. Used as the cover for a masterclass about unit studies.

    Unit Study Masterclass


    I hear you. You’re thinking, “Wait. I thought Cindy was a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschooler. How exactly does a unit study fit into the mix?” Oh, it’s easy!  During the years when I was homeschooling multiple ages, unit studies saved my bacon in a lot of ways. We studied history and science in four-year cycles. In…

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