Making Time for the Extras in Homeschooling


All those homeschooling extras seem like so much fun. They would add such rich learning and maybe even ignite passions. But, seriously, there is no time to add one more thing to your homeschooling schedule, right? Well…let Cindy help you make a little room for some of the things you never thought you could find the time to do with your children!

There are so many, many wonderful opportunities in homeschooling! Maybe too many sometimes? At the very least, most families have quite a few items on a list of things they wish they could add to the regular homeschool schedule.

What’s stopping them? Time. There are so many necessary things to teach and those things take time. There are chores to do around the house and errands to run. There are mouths to feed and smidgens of time that must be set aside for mom’s sanity.

What if I told you that you could likely fit in way more than you think WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed or doing schoolwork for hours on end?

With a little mind-shift and implementing some of the practical tips you’ll learn in this workshop, those long awaited extras can finally grab a place in your homeschool.

Cindy will help you find time for curriculum that doesn’t quite fit on the must-do list of “readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic”. She’ll also help you realistically add in activities that have been waiting in the wings for months. 

There is no limit to things that can be considered homeschooling extras. Some common examples include art, music, nature study, handicrafts, life skills, sports, field trips, time for passion learning, and even simple time for kids to be kids. 

This masterclass may not speak to your specific “extras”, but it will give you the tools to learn how to think about school hours and school work in a new light so that just about any extra could fit into your day. 

Don’t be surprised if you find the need to tweak your daily schedule just a tad or reconsider some curriculum. Cindy would never ask you to ditch everything and start from scratch, but if the extras haven’t fit into the schedule thus far, a little retooling may be necessary. Don’t worry. It won’t be too hard.

1 hour of training + 30 minutes Q&A time

BONUS: You’ll have forever access to the video replay and can ask additional questions in a special Facebook group set up just for you!


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