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  • Tons of creative nature walks to study fungi! Hands-on activities and kid-friendly research-based projects, too!

    A Fungus Among Us


    A fungus? You want me to study a fungus during my nature walk? Yep. And, I think you’ll be amazed at the beauty and variety you find! You’ll love it!

  • Animal Life Cycles curriculum cover with the states of a butterfly life cycle. On a green stick is a yellow and black caterpillar, a grey chrysalis, and an orange butterfly coming out of a brown chrysalis.

    Animal Life Cycles


    Did you know that each animal group has an amazingly unique life cycle? It’s true! Every animal begins as an egg and ends as an adult, but there are some very cool differences during the in-between stages. This curriculum will help you explore them all!

  • Beautiful Birds


    This nature study guide helps bring birds nearer and dearer to your heart through serious observation and study during all seasons of the year.

  • Butterfly nature study is fun and easy with NaturExplorers! Indoor and outdoor activities make for a comprehensive study of these amazing insects!

    Butterflies Flutter By


    Even more amazing than beautiful butterflies fluttering about is the incredible transformation that takes place to turn crawling caterpillars into completely new flying creatures. Butterflies Flutter By will certainly inspire you to find evidence of all stages of the butterfly life cycle!

  • Constant Conifers


    Holding their leaves throughout winter, conifers are unique plants that deserve our nature study attention. This NaturExplorers study will help you discover all about cone-bearing plants.

  • Creative Nature Walks


    You will never again lack ideas for creative nature walks with this quick and easy guide that will have your family out the door in minutes!

  • Defense Mechanisms of Animals


    How do animals protect themselves from predators who would love to eat them for lunch? You won’t believe how many types of defense mechanisms animals have to keep themselves alive and well! From sharp teeth to chemical warfare and everything in between, you’ll be amazed at the unique tools animals possess.

  • Defense Mechanisms of Plants


    Just how do plants protect themselves from herbivores and illnesses? You’ll be amazed at how many defense mechanisms plants have! From thorns and poisons to stinky smells and self-destruction, plants are prepared for battle.

  • Delightful Deciduous Trees


    Enjoy a very thorough study of deciduous trees with these creative lessons that take you through every season of the year!

  • This unique curriculum about desert biomes includes a variety of media to learn science through nature study.

    Desert Biomes


    Would you be surprised to know that all deserts aren’t hot? It’s true! There are deserts all over the world with different climates, different terrain, and different types of plants and animals. Let’s visit them together!

  • Famous Naturalists No Sweat Nature Study is a unique curriculum that uses multimedia with multiple ages to teach science through nature study.

    Famous Naturalists


    What could be more motivating for nature study than learning about some of the most famous naturalists of the 1800 and 1900s! Each of these scientists had a passion about nature that led to incredible accomplishments. 

  • Pink coneflowers on the cover of Flower Families curriculum.

    Flower Families


    Understanding how to identify flower families opens up a new world of observation in nature study. You’ll love how easy it is to teach these identification and comparison skills in this fun curriculum! 

  • Flying Creatures of the Night


    Get your night senses revved up and grab your flashlight! Get ready to learn about flying nocturnal animals like bats, owls, fireflies and moths – and be prepared to find a magical world of animals that come alive in the night!

  • Fruits and Nuts


    Fruits and nuts are some of the most versatile of God’s creation. Besides being yummy, they serve a very important role in reproduction within the plant kingdom. This unique curriculum highlights their importance and opens your eyes to their incredible diversity.

  • Habitats Nature Study cover with green tree in the middle.



    There is a busy buzz of activity in any habitat constantly working to maintain a delicate balance for the health of every plant and animal that calls it home. Learn all about habitats in this multi-media curriculum!

  • No Sweat Nature Study: Math in Nature Curriculum

    Math in Nature


    When math and science meet in real-life, expect a depth of understanding that can’t be beat! This not-to-miss nature curriculum makes amazing connections that will inspire your students to look for math everywhere.

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