One Back, One To Go

This is how he looked as I dropped him off Monday.  See those nervous eyes?  Yes, I cried.  Not in front of him, though.  He was being brave, so I needed to.  Right before I left, I introduced him to two little boys who were playing the ring toss.  Apparently, that was a good introduction because the camper group picture shows the three of them all chummed up together!

How did he look when I picked him up?  Well, he was moving so fast and talking so fast that I couldn’t get a picture!  He had a blast.  I’ll share just a few snippets of our conversation on the way home.  Mostly for my sake as a journal.

Did you have fun? Well, ofcourse!

Did you make any new friends? Oh, yes!  I made eleven and none of them were girls!

Where are your friends from? I don’t know!  Boys don’t ask those kinds of questions.

What did you get to eat? Skittles, Gatorade, Cheez-Its and 10 pieces of sausage. Anything healthy? Uuummm.  I think so, but I don’t remember that part.

Did you gets lots of mail? Oh, yeah!  I got mail three different times. Wow!  Who was your mail from? I don’t know. What did your mail say? I don’t know. What did you do with your mail? I opened it, looked at it and then…….I don’t know what I did with it. Didn’t you ask someone to help you read it? No way! Why not? I didn’t want anyone seeing the mushy stuff you wrote! So, you chose to just not read them altogether? Pretty much. (Between me, hubby, sister, grandma, grandpa, another grandma and an aunt, I think he missed out on THIRTEEN letters from home!!)  I’m still chuckling about this!

What was your favorite thing? Swimming, slip-n-slide and carpet ball! What about the Bible classes? Did you learn anything? Oh, you know, church stuff. How did you like the missionaries? They were nice, they even swam with us. What did you learn from them? Uummm.  I don’t remember.

Did you sleep okay? Oh yeah! Did you miss Mom at all? Nope. Not at all? No. Are you sure? Maybe one little smidge that you can’t see at all.

Oh, Mom, I was the first one up in our whole dorm in the morning! You were?  Did you just lay around waiting on everybody else to get up? No!  I slithered down from my bunk and tiptoed to everyone else’s beds and tickled their toes to wake them up. Caleb!  Did you really? Well, ofcourse! What did they say? Most of them laughed, but some people told me to get off because they wanted to sleep some more. Was there a bell that rang to get everyone up and moving? Yes, but by the time it rang, our whole dorm was up and dressed already! I bet they were.  I bet they were.

Co-op gals – Caleb gave me permission to share this, but said that I have to ask you NOT to show your children.  He gets really embarrassed when they know stories about him.  Thanks!

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