New Baby AND Christmas Approaching

I’d like to give myself credit here….Considering the fact that our new little guy (no name yet!!) and Christmas are in a race with each other for which will arrive first, I’ve been very calm.

Well, maybe my children and husband wouldn’t quite agree that calm is the right word to use since we have a rather dreaded time of “Let’s get the house picked up, the laundry done, the dishes put away, the schoolroom picked up……You know today could be the day.  We don’t want to come home from the hospital to a messy house!”

They cringe when the 37 week pregnant cleaning mommy comes out.  But, hey, a clean and tidy house is important whether a new baby is coming or not, right?  Sadly, children and husbands just have NO IDEA what it’s like to HAVE to clean.  I try to explain this nesting urge, but they really don’t seem to believe the importance of it to a pregnant lady.

As for Christmas – I’m almost ready.  All the gifts, except one, are bought.  Guess who’s in charge of buying that one?  Not me.  About half the gifts are wrapped and I hope to finish the other half today.  Christmas cards I think will wait this year and we’ll send out Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Birth Announcements instead.  Cookies and candy are made and the packages are just about ready to hand out to Sunday School, piano and co-op teachers.  I think I’ll do that this coming week.  No one ever really minds an early present!

Sad thing is, once I get these “last few really important things done before the baby arrives”, the nesting syndrome will only continue.  I’m afraid there will always be another closet to organize, bathroom to deep clean, cobweb to find and destroy…..Praise the Lord for the work that’s getting done around here is all I have to say!   This nesting thing isn’t so bad – I only wish it occured more often than the last month or so of my pregnancies!

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