My Little Comedian

Have you ever had one of those children who thinks he’s a comedian?  A child who will be obedient to what you actually say, but you have to cover EVERYTHING in your directions or else he’ll find a loophole?

Well, I’ve been blessed with such a child.  He has got to be one of the most quick-minded people I’ve met -and he’s only six!  What are we in for as he grows?  Oh boy!

Here’s the latest example…..”Mom, can I take a bath in your big tub?”

“No, my tub uses too much water.”

I hear the water running…..thinking he’s bathing in his tub.  As I walk up the stairs, I realize the water is running in MY tub.  I quickly walk into my bathroom, ready for discipline, when I find this…..

No, I hadn’t specifically said, “You also may not place any other objects into my tub that use less water.”  He thinks he’s so funny!!  (I have to admit, that sometimes I think he is, too.)

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