Keepers Christmas Party

I know I gush often about our Keepers At Home Group, but it really is a wonderful thing!  Yesterday we took a break from “practical” stuff to party!

Each of the girls was asked to prepare a dish and bring the recipe.  (We’re putting the recipes together in a little booklet for them.)  After reading the Christmas story together and snacking on the delicious goodies, each of the moms had prepared a fun game.

Besides a rather unfortunate incident with the girls’ brothers who were playing outside with stick swords, the day was great fun.  Yes, Caleb was involved, but it really was an accident.  Hopefully, a bit more ice and a little more time will heal the giant goose egg under the other boy’s eye.  Caleb was very worried about him and didn’t think twice about apologizing.  (Hey, that’s a pretty big step for him!)  Here’s what I overheard Caleb say after ice had been on the goose egg for about 20 minutes….”Can you open your eye?  How many fingers am I holding up?”  T, if you’re reading this – we hope your eye is better!

Anyway, back to the party.  Mahayla prepared a very yummy cheesball and Caleb made a chocolate fondue with marshmallows for dipping.

I missed out on most of the games because of the unfortunate incident, but here’s a picture from the gift wrapping relay.

We’re officially on Christmas break!  I had planned to school lightly through Friday, but sometimes life just calls for a change of plans.  🙂  Merry Christmas!

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