I Always Knew Public High Schools Were Bad – Really Bad

Our nursery at church is lacking in toddler toys, so I put out a plea a few months ago for our church members to look around for free or cheap toys that would be good for adding to the nursery.

Luckily – or so I thought – one of the ladies at our church is the Family and Life Sciences teacher (aka – Home Ec).  She told me the board of education had decided to do away with the in-school nursery and they were willing to donate to the church whatever we’d like.  Score!  All we had to do was visit after school one day this week, pick out what we’d like and cart it away.

Back up three or four months for a moment.  As I was deciding what to buy for this year’s homeschooling curriculum, the God’s Design for S*x Series kept calling to me.  Mahayla is soon to be 12, so that sort of talk needs to happen *sometime*.  So, I bought the first two books in the series.  When I got them, The Story of Me was no biggie, but Before I Was Born was TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION.  I decided to place it on the shelf for a conversation way down the road.  Way down the road.

Fast forward again to visiting the high school.  After loading up a wonderful haul of toddler toys and buckling ourselves in for a happy little ride to church – the conversation started.  The conversation.

It all started so innocently, I just don’t know how it ended up so….so….deep.  “Mom, why was there a nursery at the high school?”

Now, I know I could’ve said, “Oh, it was for the teacher’s children.”  That would’ve been the end of it, surely.  But I didn’t want to lie.  You can imagine where the conversation led – teenagers having children, how that could happen when you aren’t married……And then one of my sweet children kept pushing.  I tried really hard to give the normal “surface” answers.  I tried really hard to divert the conversation.  But this child wanted to know.  The. Whole. Story.

After a few deep breaths and some quick prayers, I told the whole story.  The. Whole. Story.  Among many giggles, wide eyes, “No ways”, and “Grosses” we made it through.

The next day, I decided the book that was way too much information before was now a perfect addition to our “learning” time.  Many more giggles (from kids and mom) later, I hope we are finished talking about this topic for a while.  I thanked the Lord that He led me to buy this book a few months ago, but next time, Dad gets to read it!

Before I Was Born (God's Design for Sex)


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