Happy At Home

Whatever the answer to our rut, I know God will put us back on track soon.  He always has, and there have been many ruts in the road on our journey so far.  The hardest part about a rut is that Satan loves to find you in one.  For me, that’s the time when he sends the nay-sayers my way.  You know, the people who would love to talk you out of homeschooling, who play the 20 question game with you about “why in the world you’ve chosen to homeschool??”, the ones who say “Of course you’re in a rut, you’re with your children 24/7!!”

But, again, God has always been good!  He has given me faithful homeschooling friends and a strong husband who are able to remind me WHY we do what we do and how important it is to keep moving westward in our journey.  It’s not always easy homeschooling, it’s not always easy even being a Christian in this world of ours – but I know that God has called us to do what others might see as silly or futile.  And what God calls me to, I know He will be faithful to pull me through.

I love being home with my children.  I just have to be reminded sometimes about how much I love it!

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