Family Fun

I love Family Fun!  The magazine and having fun with my family.  🙂  Lynn has asked for an entry about what we do for family fun around here.  Lots – I’d like to think anyway.

We work hard and play hard.  Fun comes in feeding the cows and brushing the horses.  (Believe it or not, my children even love cleaning horse stalls!)  Fun comes in board games and card games.  Our current favorite games are Dutch Blitz and Yahtzee!  Fun comes in borrowing movies from the library and pigging out on popcorn.  Fun comes in an art or cooking project.  Fun comes in a hiking trip or a short road trip.  Notice I said “short” road trip.  More than a couple of hours on the road and the trip quickly turns from good to bad!  🙂  We love being together and, thankfully, the Lord has allowed us to live a very blessed life where we can be together most of the time.

Speaking of fun, hubby and the older kids are at church decorating a float for the upcoming Christmas parade!  Little one and I decided to stay in because it’s so cold.  But, I know they’re having fun together!  I’ll post pictures of the parade after it happens.

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