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Captivating Clouds


There is serious beauty and wonder floating above our heads almost daily. These fun and meaningful activities will help you learn all about clouds.

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Come along. Join us in the slow lane of life for awhile, as we take some time to raise our heads high and look to the sky. Perhaps you may develop a whole new way of looking at the clouds that drift above you!

Not only will you learn many amazing facts about these visible masses of condensed water floating around int the sky, but you’ll be inspired to create artwork, tell stories and even daydream a bit!

More than 20 nature walks will have you identifying and charting clouds. You’ll use a compass to determine wind direction and try your hand at weather prediction. You’ll sketch, paint, and even sculpt during your observations.

A nice feature of Captivating Clouds is that all the activities can be completed without going anywhere. Those of you who don’t have easy access to nature or don’t prefer to take nature walks can still easily complete these activities. I can see some observational picnics in the backyard!

There are more than 30 additional lessons to do in the schoolroom, too! Just a few…

  • Make your own clouds.
  • Learn how they were named.
  • Discover how meteorologists use clouds to predict weather.
  • Determine whether or not they effect the temperature.
  • Diagram the cloud layers as found in the atmosphere.
  • Make presentations about weather safety.
  • Define and describe various types of precipitation.

This particular NaturExplorers guide contains a bunch of picture study suggestions from a a variety of artists, too. Clouds make great inspiration for artists – including the artists in your home. Your children will be very inspired to create some of their own beautiful works of art!

Fourteen notebooking pages add ease for you and interest for your children. This study will encourage you to take some time to watch the sky pass by! And what a beautiful show you’ll see!

The topic of clouds works well with any weather, water, or general earth science study.

58 pages, digital curriculum



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