Christmas Nature Books

There are so many great Christmas books to read with your children! I’ve posted about some of my top favorites from years past.  But, since I write nature studies, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite Christmas picture books that relate well with nature study. Really good ones are few and far between, with so much twaddle to weed through! I’ll admit that a few of these are a stretch when you consider tying them into nature study, but think creatively! 🙂 For instance, the following two don’t have explicit nature themes, but An Orange for Frankie is appropriate when you consider the topic of Fruits and Nuts; while Silver Packages fits best with Snow and Ice.

An Orange for FrankieSilver Packages: An Appalachian Christmas Story


If you’ve come across other great Christmas & nature-related books that I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment!

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