Battle at Blue Licks

We took an impromptu history trip Saturday to Blue Licks State Park where they were having a reenactment of the Revolutionary War battle that took place there in 1782.  Okay, so we missed the actual reenactment by seconds, much to my son’s dismay, but had a great time anyway.

During the actual battle, the English, Canadians, and Native Americans were fighting against the Americans.  The Americans were sorely defeated with almost 70 being killed in about 15 minute’s time.  Daniel Boone lost his son in this battle that is said to be the last battle of the Revolutionary War.  Here are some pictures of various soldiers and encampments from the reenactment.

We also enjoyed a live bagpipe band and the kids each got to make a small pot at the potter’s wheel.  Yes, even Eli!

The park has a nice buffet dinner sort of restaurant.  Saturday, the main meat was buffalo.  BUFFALO!  Because of some, ahem, allergies, I chose not to partake of the buffalo.  But, the veggies and desserts were great!

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