Ancient Israel

The history of Ancient Israel is now under our belts!  I have to admit that I swerved from the textbook a tad during this unit to add  several hands-on ideas that I simply couldn’t pass up from Old Testament Days.  This unit study guide is perfect for active learning!

Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide (Hands-On History)


Below you’ll find a mixture of ideas that came from Diana Waring’s suggestions in Ancient Civilizations and the Bible and the additional ideas from Old Testament Days.

Maps of the wilderness camp around the Tabernacle were drawn.
Unleavened bread (that’s already been nibbled on) was yummy!
Personalized seals were made from Sculpey clay.
Salt-dough maps of the Promised Land were fun to make and paint!
Here’s another salt-dough map and some fun oil lamps made from Sculpey clay.
Both kiddos had a research paper to write. Mahayla’s was on the topic of ancient trade routes and the key location of Israel. Caleb’s report was about Israel’s neighbors, the Phoenicians.

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