Almost Two

It’s hard to believe my littlest one is almost two.  Time flies.  He’s been up to some antics lately that I wanted to be sure to document…..

During a family movie one evening, we made “real” popcorn in a pan on the stove.  The following day, Eli was served corn as part of his lunch.  All of the sudden, he started hitting his plate and yelling, “Pop!”  Over and over again.  Mahayla and I were trying to figure out what in the world he was doing until it finally clicked.  He was trying to make the corn on his plate pop.  Apparently he like popcorn much better than plain corn!

“Vwhy?”  I’ve never met a child under two who asks “why”, but this kid does.  If you tell him “no” to anything, he very sweetly asks, “Vwhy?”  As soon as you give him the reason, he simply says, “Okay.”  Usually, that’s the end of it.  :o)

Okay, that’s enough of the mommy memory post.  Oh, how I wish I had known about blogging when my other two were younger.  The memories are too quickly fading from their baby years.  Praise the Lord for pictures.  We have stacks and stacks (which need to be organized) that keep some of those memories alive.

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