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  • What is living math and how can you easily add it to your homeschool schedule? Let Cindy help you figure that out!

    Living Math Homeschool Masterclass


    The addition of living math to your homeschool schedule is really much easier than you might think. It’s also more important than you might think. I would never ask you to completely ditch your math textbook, but let me help you open some pretty amazing doors just outside of the textbook!

  • Loving Living Math


    This how-to guide for parents will help you understand and implement living math principles at any grade level. It’s very practical and makes living math lessons easily attainable in your homeschool.

  • No Sweat Nature Study: Math in Nature Curriculum

    Math in Nature


    When math and science meet in real-life, expect a depth of understanding that can’t be beat! This not-to-miss nature curriculum makes amazing connections that will inspire your students to look for math everywhere.

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