Early Math Foundations Masterclass


While it’s certainly very important to provide little ones with early math foundations, it’s way easier and less structured than you might think. Learn practical strategies for a successful start in this masterclass.

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Math is a fundamental subject to teach. It’s something that we adults use in our everyday lives as we cook, balance bank accounts, shop for the best deals, and determine how much carpet to buy for the bedroom. And, believe it or not, mathematical thinking is at least a part of how we solve problems logically, too.

Sadly, by the time many students reach middle and high school (or even earlier), they don’t like math and see it as something that’s too difficult to tackle. Why is this? Well, math certainly can require us to think deeply and it sometimes takes a lot of effort. Besides the gumption, though, I think that our children are often not comfortable with the idea of math. It’s something that’s been made out to be a big, bad bear rather than a natural extension of their everyday life.

You probably won’t be surprised to know that making kids comfortable with math starts early. Don’t think for a minute that I’m talking about putting math worksheets in front of a preschooler. Nope. I’m talking about actively doing mathematical things that flow naturally from the daily life of a little one. These early math foundations can set your child up for years of success in math and the higher-order thinking skills that go along with it!

This masterclass is for parents of children who are 3-7 years old – or preschool through around 1st grade. You’ll learn just how easy it can be to build early math foundations that will train children to believe that math isn’t scary at all…and, in fact, can be fun!

We’ll cover practical ways to go about your day gently incorporating math through experiences, exposure, and play. Don’t think it’s just more advice to “count the socks when they come out of the dryer”. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty topics of math to help your children:

  • gain number sense,
  • increase spatial sense,
  • understand concepts of measurement,
  • learn to read data,
  • and begin to problem-solve.

All of this without needing any textbooks or depending on prior knowledge of what numbers even are!

You will be amazed at how simple it can be to purposely build early math foundations that will set the stage for a love and understanding of math for years to come!

Bring along a bag of M&Ms (or another set of small, colorful items), a jar of playdough, and a notebook & pen. We’re going to have fun learning how to build early math foundations!

1.5 hours of training 

Access the training video as often as you like and enjoy a private Facebook group to ask any lingering questions and share your math successes!



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