mother’s day

Mother’s Day

Being a mom is truly one of the most precious gifts the Lord blesses us with!  I have wonderful children and I thank God so much for them – their sweet little hearts, their funny spirits, their creativity – the list goes on and on!  Here are just a few memories from Mother’s Day this…

My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! This picture was taken last night at our church’s annual Mother-Daughter Banquet.  Thank you gentlemen for a lovely evening!

The Mother’s Banquet

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m part of a WONDERFUL co-op.  Our leader, Cathy, is celebrating her 10th anniversary since starting the group. I’ve been incredibly blessed this year to help Cathy out by leading the Mom’s Room.  The best way I can describe the Mom’s Room is in a series of words and phrases: prayer,…