Cumberland Falls

We took a mini-trip to Cumberland Falls in Southern KY not too long ago.  It was such a beautiful afternoon!  The waterfall is majestic, the rock samples are outstanding, the hikes are not too difficult, and the scenery is gorgeous! You’re able to walk right up to the water a short distance before the waterfall….

Field Trip Fun

For those of you who know Melissa from blogging, consider yourselves blessed.  But, if you’re lucky enough to know her in person, how much more blessed you are!  It was such a treat to spend time with her last week.  Not only that, she took on all three of my children while I spoke at the THINK meeting AND…


Have you ever visited Shakertown?  It’s such a lovely place to visit in Central KY.  This weekend, we were treated to our first ever overnight stay in one of the original village buildings!  My father-in-law took our family and the horses for two days of trail riding, hiking, touring and dining at the historic restaurant. …