Nature Study – Rain

Nature Study – Rain

Welcome to my 10 Days Series on the topic of nature study! Each of the ten days brings you a creative nature walk idea and a fun follow-up activity to spark your enthusiasm for nature study today!  (Well, maybe not today in your neck of the woods, but soon!) Why study nature? The answer is…

Rain’s A-Comin’

In our Remarkable Rain NaturExplorers unit, one of the suggested activities is to watch and document an approaching rain system. Our family had the awesome opportunity to do this not too long ago. Here are pictures taken over no more than a four minute time frame… Rain can be a very exciting, out-of-the-norm nature study….


Below are some pictures of our farm during the recent flooding of Central KY (and other places.)  I know it’s hard to tell that the land is flooded if you aren’t familiar with what it looks like typically.  Rest assured – this was a FLOOD!  We estimate about 45 acres (three bottom land fields) were…