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Here at Our Journey Westward you’ll find ideas and resources to inspire a love for learning in your home.

School really can be enjoyable – for children and parents!  My goal is to encourage you in joyful learning by sharing practical (and easy) lesson ideas for all ages.

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How to make real-world gifted homeschooling a reality

How To Make Real-World Gifted Homeschooling a Reality

Book smarts are important, but they aren’t the only things that matter for gifted learners. It’s essential to make common sense connections through real-world gifted homeschooling, too. One of the often-mentioned challenges about gifted children is that sometimes brilliant-minded kids don’t always make those common-sense connections. It can be infuriating for the parent and embarrassing…

Download this free sound and light unit study for upper elementary and middle school students!

Light and Sound Unit Study

A light and sound unit study works well in a homeschool physics science rotation. Packed full of meaningful activities, experimentation, and exploration, this unit study is perfect for 3rd-7th-grade students! Great informational books and biographies set the stage, while project-based and research-based activities allow for deeper learning on certain topics of interest. Get a downloadable…