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  • Pink coneflowers on the cover of Flower Families curriculum.

    Flower Families


    Understanding how to identify flower families opens up a new world of observation in nature study. You’ll love how easy it is to teach these identification and comparison skills in this fun curriculum! 

  • Flying Creatures of the Night


    Get your night senses revved up and grab your flashlight! Get ready to learn about flying nocturnal animals like bats, owls, fireflies and moths – and be prepared to find a magical world of animals that come alive in the night!

  • Frogs and Toads


    This study of frogs and toads is perfect for spring or summer and provides you with tons of ideas for hands-on, literature-based, project-based lessons your kids will love.

  • Fruits and Nuts


    Fruits and nuts are some of the most versatile of God’s creation. Besides being yummy, they serve a very important role in reproduction within the plant kingdom. This unique curriculum highlights their importance and opens your eyes to their incredible diversity.

  • Habitats Nature Study cover with green tree in the middle.



    There is a busy buzz of activity in any habitat constantly working to maintain a delicate balance for the health of every plant and animal that calls it home. Learn all about habitats in this multi-media curriculum!

  • Hard as a Rock


    Looking at rocks for nature study might sound dull, but there are incredible treasures in rocks. Once you know what to look for, you’ll think rocks are anything but dull!

  • Incredible Creeks


    Creeks are a favorite nature study stop for many families. This NaturExplorers guide gives you enough ideas to keep you joyfully studying creeks for months!

  • Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant


    Discover the complex flower life cycle with this easy-to-use curriculum that you can use with your entire family. Your children will love learning about beautiful flowering plants and their amazing abilities!

  • No Sweat Nature Study: Math in Nature Curriculum

    Math in Nature


    When math and science meet in real-life, expect a depth of understanding that can’t be beat! This not-to-miss nature curriculum makes amazing connections that will inspire your students to look for math everywhere.

  • Nocturnal Animals


    You’re awake during the day and sleep at night, right? Many animals follow that same routine, but there’s an entire world of animals that are flip-flopped and spend the nighttime hours awake and active. Just who are these animals and how to they get anything done in the dark? Let’s find out!

  • Peaceful Ponds


    Using Peaceful Ponds, you’ll have so much fun learning about pond plants and animals, as well as earth science topics as they relate to ponds. 

  • Preschool Nature By the Season: Spring


    Nature By the Season for Preschool and Kindergarten is a seasonal nature study perfect for active little bodies and inquiring little minds!

    Each book provides you with well over 40 ideas for simple nature walks that cover topics appropriate for each season.  You will find at least one engaging activity to reinforce the day’s nature theme, several colorful worksheets to enhance some of the lessons, and a large book list containing the best of the best literature for each subject.

    Your children from 2-5 are going to love their time spent learning about nature!

  • This unique curriculum about rainforest biomes includes a variety of media to learn science through nature study.

    Rainforest Biomes


    What comes to mind when you think of rainforests? I bet you pictured some amazing plants and animals…and lots of rain. You’re right! Let’s go visit some rainforests together to learn just how incredible they are!

  • Remarkable Rain


    Quiet and peaceful or wild and raging, rain is a sight to behold in all it’s glory.  Don’t worry, not all rain nature study has to take place outside…but have your raincoat handy!

  • In this science course for all ages, kids will explore the wonders of space. Come join the adventure!

    Space Observations


    Space science and nature study collide as you learn about the amazing, observable objects that seem so far away in the sky. You won’t want to miss this adventure! 

  • These fun symbiosis lessons are perfect for multiple ages!



    These fun symbiosis lessons take a tough science topic and make it easy for children of all ages to understand!

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