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  • Homeschooling Gifted Kids


    This is is a DIGITAL book. No print book will be shipped. If you prefer a print copy, you may order from Amazon.

    Yes, you can homeschool gifted and advanced learners – and do it well! This book will give you the tools and confidence you need to meet the unique needs of smart students.

  • The Magical, Marvelous Years of Middle School

    Homeschooling Middle School


    Homeschooling middle school is probably my favorite season of all. There is so much freedom and potential in the middle school years that can make for incredible learning – even during those turbulent hormonal swings. I can’t wait to give you a vision to seize these wonderful moments!

  • Father teaching a son how to use a drill to screw into wood. This is the cover for a masterclass about teaching life skills

    Life Skills for Kids Homeschool Masterclass


    What are the important life skills for kids and how do you teach them without adding even more to your already busy schedule? This class has plenty of practical ideas for you!

  • Unit studies are a great addition to your homeschool!

    Unit Study Masterclass


    I hear you. You’re thinking, “Wait. I thought Cindy was a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschooler. How exactly does a unit study fit into the mix?” Oh, it’s easy!  During the years when I was homeschooling multiple ages, unit studies saved my bacon in a lot of ways. We studied history and science in four-year cycles. In…

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