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  • Love-Centered Discipline

    Love-Centered Discipline


    Discipline isn’t just giving our children consequences, it’s also training them in the skills of decision-making, self-control, and responsibility. The good news is that we can do all of the above with success and a big dose of love!

  • There are so many wonderful opportunities for homeschoolers. But, with so much that "has" to be done, how can you possibly find time for the meaningful extras? Let Cindy help you!

    Making Time for the Extras in Homeschooling


    All those homeschooling extras seem like so much fun. They would add such rich learning and maybe even ignite passions. But, seriously, there is no time to add one more thing to your homeschooling schedule, right? Well…let Cindy help you make a little room for some of the things you never thought you could find the time to do with your children!

  • Homeschool project-based learning is a great way to build interest in learning while also encouraging independence and working with learning styles. It's great to use with multiple ages and promotes an incredible amount of academic skills.

    Project-Based Learning in the Homeschool


    Project-based learning builds interest and encourages independence. It’s great for multiple ages and promotes an incredible amount of skills. Cindy can help you learn all you need to know to make project-based learning a reality in your homeschool!

  • Unit studies are a great addition to your homeschool!

    Unit Study Masterclass


    I hear you. You’re thinking, “Wait. I thought Cindy was a Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschooler. How exactly does a unit study fit into the mix?” Oh, it’s easy!  During the years when I was homeschooling multiple ages, unit studies saved my bacon in a lot of ways. We studied history and science in four-year cycles. In…

  • Using living literature in our homeschool was one of the BEST decisions we ever made. Learn why along with tactics to identify good living books and how to use them in your homeschool.

    Using Living Literature to Transform Your Homeschool


    Let me shout from the rooftops why using living literature in our homeschool has been one of the BEST decisions I ever made. Learn how to identify living books and how to use them seamlessly in your homeschool so that you can shout it from the rooftops, too!

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