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Fruits and Nuts


Fruits and nuts are some of the most versatile of God’s creation. Besides being yummy, they serve a very important role in reproduction within the plant kingdom. This unique curriculum highlights their importance and opens your eyes to their incredible diversity.

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Learning about fruits and nuts during nature study may seem like a fairly boring topic, but you are officially challenged to see just how exciting it can be!

Whether you happen upon a bush of ripe blackberries or specifically plan to find fruits at an orchard, excitement fills the air when children can taste the “fruits” of their labor! The same goes for nuts. Children never seem to mind the effort of cracking a shell for the tiniest taste of meat.

The variety of fruits and nuts, along with their differences in shape, color, taste, seed placement, etc, is utterly amazing. It’s proof positive that we serve a wonderfully creative God!

Edible fruits and nuts aside, there is an entire world of inedible fruits and nuts to discover, too! Many of which you may never have taken the time to really notice, much less examine. Here’s your chance!

This guide will not only have you observing and examining fruits and nuts, you will learn to observe insect and animal behavior, and watch for the effects of disease or weather on plants.

During the more than 20 nature walks, you’ll also be challenged to:

make fruit and nut comparisons

identify cultivated and wild specimens

complete a scavenger hunt

graph various findings

determine adaptations

Back indoors, choose from more than 60 experiments, hands-on activities, and research-based projects.

  • make berry paints
  • model cross-sections
  • test buoyancy
  • chart climate zones
  • map the locations of fruits and nuts
  • determine which fruits and nuts are imported
  • demonstrate the laws of gravity
  • give an historical presentation about scurvy
  • and so many, many more!

You’ll love the 16 notebooking pages included, too!

We’ve also included a slight focus on the Fruits of the Spirit in the Bible section with additional literature, music and activity ideas to help you follow through with Biblical character training.

This is a well-rounded curriculum chock-full of lessons to fit every academic area!

Fruits and Nuts fits nicely with any general study of botany.

64 pages, digital curriculum



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