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“I am thrilled with the nature studies being put out by Shining Dawn Books!  As busy homeschool moms, we all want to get nature study in, but let’s face it, sometimes it gets moved to the back burner!  With these nature studies already put together for you, the planning and ideas are already done for you!  I personally enjoyed reading through the study myself as I learned a few new things!  I also really love the nature notebooking or journaling pages that are included!  There are many, many ideas for you to choose from included in these studies.  I am sure there is something that would fit with every family’s unique homeschooling style!”

~Candace, His Mercy is New

“Such a wonderful plethora of information to get the little’s to think!  Even parents to think!  I am intrigued…enough for me to go and research!  And wonderfully written Bible applications for individuals to ponder and use in their own lives TODAY!  Real life application!  How RICH!”

~Brooke, Growing Godly Girls

“The NaturExplorers series is a phenomenal educational resource, which can be utilized by both homeschoolers and traditional classroom teachers alike!  Each guide, rich with hands-on activities and fabulous cross-curricular ideas, provides fun, easy-to-implement lessons for students of all ages and abilities.  As a former classroom teacher, and now a homeschooling parent, I am thoroughly impressed with this integrated approach to teaching the major themes of nature and look forward to using them with my children!”

~Kim, National Board Certified teacher, homeschooling parent, writer and editor from KY

“These unit studies are just what I need to kick start the nature studies in my homeschool! They are packed full of hands-on, easy-to-use, ideas. Just look through the many ideas given and head out the door for an exciting encounter with nature! And all of the research has been done for us…these units are complete with background information, activity ideas, fine arts tie-ins, and even notebooking pages!! Awesome!”

~Kari, elementary certified classroom teacher, veteran homeschooling parent

“These affordable unit studies are not only a great way to introduce you to the idea of nature study but also terrific resources to add to the nature study you are already doing.”

~Shanna, Learning at His Feet

“I am very excited about the Frogs and Toads unit.  It is jam-packed with information and ideas that will get you and your family excited to learn about these creatures.  Whether you have a three-year-old or a teenager, you’ll enjoy using this unit with your entire family.  Cindy and Melissa have included literature lists, ideas to use on nature walks, information and facts about frogs and toads, crafts and recipes, ideas for artist and composer study, and so much more.  Whether or not you’ve ever delved into nature study, you will enjoy using these ideas with your children.  I highly recommend this unit as an addition to your homeschool.”

~Shannon, Song of My Heart

“I just finished reading through Cindy and Melissa’s Peaceful Ponds nature study unit.  Wow!

I found it informative how they explain how nature study is useful to all kinds of homeschoolers, not just Charlotte Mason followers.  I also really enjoyed their articles titled ‘Why Study Nature’, ‘Where to Study Nature’, and ‘Gearing Up and Being Safe’.  Their ‘Why Study Nature’ article had an amazing list of things you learn while studying nature – everything from growing closer to our Creator (what could be more important than that?) to improving discrimination and memorization skills and much more!

They have TONS of ideas of things to do during a pond study – I counted almost 100 ideas between things to do ‘in the pond’, ‘around the pond’, ‘hands-on activities’, and ‘writing and research ideas’!  They also give recommendations on books to read while doing a pond study, Bible lessons that tie into ponds, and even poetry, artists and picture studies, and composers and music references…all that tie into ponds.

Besides all of those ideas, they also give ideas on including both younger and older children and suggestions on using this nature study with a nature club or a co-op.

I highly recommend these NaturExplorer studies.  They are packed full of wonderful information and are easy to use whether you are wanting an in-depth study or just a few ideas.  Cindy and Melissa have done a fabulous job and I know you and your family will enjoy these studies!  I can’t wait to get started!”

~Dana, School For Us

“My first impression is WOW!  I thought this was absolutely wonderful.  I found it to be very detailed with lots of activities to do.  I especially liked that there are literature ideas and internet links for further study.  Just reading it made me want to get up and start studying nature with my children!”

~Lisa, homeschooling mom of three from KY

“This nature study is a great opportunity to make science a very real experience for your child.  Children learn detailed information while IN nature and have it cemented in their minds at home with activities that are not fluff.  All the ideas are very doable, with things we already have.

I like that the unit makes a simple walk so educational, but I don’t have to do a ton of research to become a nature expert.  I love that there are not only science experiments to do at home, but all sorts of cross-curricular connections.  I love that it takes the things I like in a lapbook (presenting ideas in an interesting way), but ups the academic level to more than cool books to put together.  There is a lot of meaty information and solid ways to learn it.”

~Tina, homeschooling mom of three from KY

“Today’s Teach Me company is Shining Dawn Books. Work at home moms and teachers Melissa Leach and Cindy West have joined together to create delightful nature-based unit studies. Often times we overlook the trees, birds and even the clouds in our sky with our overstuffed schedules. Take thesetiny little worlds for example. When was the last time you laid on a blanket and watched the clouds with your little one? Shining Dawn Books makes it easy to learn about clouds, trees, spiders and so much more with their line of e-books.”

~Gabreial, Vintage Indie Kids

“One of the things that I really like about these units is their flexibility. They are designed so that you can adapt them to be used in whatever way best meets your needs. A title can be used in its entirety as a complete science-based unit, or you can simply pick up the study and choose an idea to focus on as you head out the door for a nature walk.”

~Shannon, The Curriculum Choice

“With slight adaptations, it could be used in any classroom or nature interest group.  The introduction states that the book is written with elementary age children in mind, but there are numerous ideas included for extending the learning with other children…And as a mom who hesitates at the suggestion of hands-on activities, I was overjoyed to see such a substantial list of ideas that I could implement without a single trip to the store for ‘supplies’.”

~Melissa Theberge, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

“…But sometimes I’ve gone outside with my girls with the best of intentions and then found myself wondering, “What to we do now?”  Veteran homeschoolers, Cindy West and Melissa Leach, have designed NaturExplorers to provide parents with as many ideas for learning about and in nature as possible.  Their e-book nature studies can be adapted and customized to meet the styles and needs of individual homeschoolers.  Whether you want to choose one or two activities for a field trip or nature walk, or study a topic in depth over several weeks, the unit studies enable you to do just that.  You don’t have to utilize Charlotte Mason’s method of education to use the books.

Because I use my iPod Touch as an e-book reader now, I can easily carry around multiple e-books with me – even outside on a nature walk.”

~Shauna Rumbaugh, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine