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I’m Cindy West and I have gifted and talented kids, too.

My daughter (who is now in college) was an early and prolific reader with an insatiable desire to know more about animals and history, among other things…except math. I was never so thankful that the library allowed us to check out 40 books at a time. And, that interlibrary loan kept us from traveling all over the state when she needed even more than what our library had to offer. To this day, she still has a book in her face or an audiobook in her ear even among all the college textbooks that are required reading. As you can imagine, she’s rocking college.

My older son (who is also in college) is very creatively and musically talented. He’s also always been very good at sports. He was mostly an average student by the standards of test taking, but his musical abilities and entrepreneur prowess were/are shockingly strong. He needed some special modifications for learning styles and a couple of learning struggles, but once those modifications were made, he became a solid student. He’s currently studying business in college, playing lead guitar with several bands, and running his own eBay business while he saves up to purchase his first rental property.

My younger son is still at home with me. He’s an advanced learner in many subjects – including math. I just thought I’d mention that to chuckle to myself about how different these kids of mine are. Eli craves variety in learning, which works well with my own personal need to step outside of the box more often than not. I satisfy his desires to learn in unique ways with curriculum that matches his learning styles, clubs/classes that stretch his knowledge, lots of field trips, and more. It sounds crazy, but I promise it’s not too bad since I’m only homeschooling one these days.

If any of these kids sound a little like yours, I think you’ll find the advice in Homeschooling Gifted Kids: A Practical Guide to Educate and Motivate Advanced Learners to be helpful. At least I hope so!

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